All meetings and events are cancelled until further notice.


Things We Do

Masonic Lodges have meetings with a lot of ritual and initiate new members, but of course we do many other things to give men a reason to belong. Some specific recent activities of Chicago Lodge are shown elsewhere on this website.

Chicago Lodge has a dinner in our dining room before each meeting. There have been roasts, Chicken Kiev, meatloaf, spaghetti and even fancier dishes. While a donation is requested, it is quite modest. Some wives of members are frequently present. Much socializing among friends occurs at these informal dinners.

As food seems to be important to Masons, there is also a monthly breakfast gathering, usually on the third Saturday of the month. A suitable restaurant is selected and whomever wants joins in. Each attendee orders from the menu and pays for what he orders. Family and friends are most welcome.

There is a family picnic during the summer. There has been food for all. Special activities are planned for the children and grandchildren of members. We have had popcorn and sno-cones. Games are planned for all ages.

Parties at various restaurants on weekends are planned throughout the year. These might be just for members and their ladies or include younger members of their families. Sometimes other activity, such as going to a play might be involved.

There have been outings to sporting events. Going to a minor league baseball game is inexpensive and a lot of fun. Sometimes it might be to a Hockey game.

As we have members who want to be useful to society, there have been events to serve others. This might be disadvantaged children, hospitalized veterans, military service personnel, and first responders. Chicago Lodge has an annual 9-11 Remembrance program and dinner which honors the Skokie Police and Fire Fighters.