Who was Jack Dellefield and why does Chicago Lodge consider this award as the most prestigious honor that we can confer on a Lodge member?

Jack Dellefield was born in 1878 and began his Masonic career in 1917 in Beehive Lodge. He demitted and joined Perfection Lodge where he became Worshipful Master in 1924. Through consolidation, he became a member of Chicago Lodge and in 1959 he again served as Worshipful Master, some 35 years after he first served as a Worshipful Master. At the age of 96, he was still working in Chicago Lodge as Tyler until his passing in 1974.


His work involved a great deal of travel and gave him the opportunity to visit hundreds of Lodges. His Masonic work was flawless and he never hesitated to assist any Lodge when asked. He was very active in visiting his sick Brethren and helped keep Masonry alive by his work both in and out of Lodge where he helped people of all ages, monetarily and in other ways.

In 1970, the Lodge created the Jack Dellefield Award to honor him for his qualities. From that point forward, Brethren of Chicago Lodge who emulated him for these qualities could be honored by being elected to receive the Award bearing his name. This is not an annual or bi-annual award, but one that is given sparingly with great consideration. Each year three Lodge members are elected to serve with the Worshipful Master plus previous recipients of the Dellefield Award as an Administrative Committee.

A Brother may be suggested to receive this award. He is not informed nor interviewed until all considerations are complete. All knowledge of him must be generated by other means and all voting is done in person by paper ballot.

Politicking is not permitted and “What goes on in the back room, stays in the back room.”


1970 - Jack Dellefield - deceased
???? - Ben Gould - deceased
1974 - Harold Jacobson - deceased
1978 - Larry Wolfman - deceased
1979 - Charles Allen - deceased
1980 - Arthur Gilbert - deceased
1981 - Sam Jerry Berger
1993 - Eugene Shedroff - deceased
1994 - Charles Rabishaw - deceased
1995 - Sam Shacter - deceased
                     Reuben Sonshine - deceased
1996 - Samuel Spector
1997 - David Arkin
1998 - Aaron Levine - deceased
2004 - Joseph Bartel
2006 - Alfred "Fritz" Becker - deceased
2008 - Melvin Gerber - deceased
2010 - Robert Schiff
2013 - Ira Gilbert
2014 - Edwin "Ed" Metzl
2016 - Hilton Kaufman