How to Join the Masons

The Masons historically did not solicit members but followed the custom that if you want to be one ask one. Recently, in some locations, it became possible that a distinguished member of society might be asked to join, but this is not common.

A man either knows someone who is a member or finds a lodge of Masons. By reaching this page on our website, you have found us. A message to our Secretary will cause more information to be sent to you to start the process.

The following describes the process of joining, although it leaves out some of the technical details in this brief explanation.

A petition, which is what we call our application, is submitted to a lodge requesting to become a member. This petition must be signed by sponsors who are already members. It must be accompanied by a petition fee.

If the applicant or petitioner already knows several members, such as family or friends, getting sponsors will be easy. If not, he might attend social activities, such as dinners, to get acquainted with some members of the lodge.

The petition is then read at a meeting of the lodge to which it is submitted. A committee is appointed to meet with the applicant or petitioner to makes sure he is suitable to join it and to explain what will be happening. A vote is later taken to accept or reject him. Rejections are not common in most lodges unless there is a good reason.

Once he is accepted, he becomes a candidate going through three initiation ceremonies called degrees. He will be expected to learn about Masonry and memorize some ritual between each degree. After receiving the third degree, the new brother is a member of the lodge, the Grand Lodge of which it is a part, and the Masonic fraternity.

Updated: 08/16/2017